Bliss Travel Escapes started as a thrilling cooperation between Flor & Fjære AS, Røysland Gaard, Gnizt and NordCopter in 2006, with the tour Garden of Eden meets Mountain Drama.

The tour was a success and gave birth to the idea of a lasting cooperation offering unique half-day and day packages in Rogaland, gradually throughout Norway and eventually also internationally.

Our vision is to give people an unforgettable experience that awakens all senses.

Anne Margrethe Vikeså is general manager in Bliss Travel Escapes and owner of Gnizt. An excellent song artist with long experience in travel-business throughout Europe.

Siri Lærdal Bryn is general manager and owner of Flor & Fjære AS. She has long and varied experience in travel and service-business in Norway and abroad.

Kjell Ivar Ueland is general manager and owner of Røysland Gaard. He is a skilful salesman and was the one who came up with the idea of a cooperation that was the beginning of Bliss Travel Escapes.


Nettstedet er utviklet av InBusiness AS