G a r d e n  o f  E d e n  m e e t s  M o u n t a i n  D r a m a
Boat trip to exotic Flor & Fjære with garden tour and lunch buffet. Helicopter sightseeing with mountain & fiord vistas including the famous Pulpit Rock, concert in historic Ivesdal chapel and gourmet dinner at Røysland Gaard.


A  T o u c h  o f  W i l d e r n e s s
Easy hiking to the remote and scenic Berland farm, where we enjoy fishing and eating our own fresh-water trout, roasted over an open fire.


F o l k l o r e
Folklore evening held deep in a mountain hall, Gloppehallen in the montain valley Byrkjedal. The beautiful, enticing ’Hulder’ and the demonic villain, entertain us with traditional folklore through song and music. Traditional folk dance by a local folk dance group with possibilities for guests to join in. Three courses meal. Contact us for further details.

E n c h a n t e d  B j e r k r e i m  
Enjoy breathtaking and dramatic views of a 17 km freshwater fiord onboard M/S Ørsdalen, local tales of Bjerkreim’s famous salmon river and sumptuous hospitality at Røysland Gaard.

U n d e r  t h e  V a s t  S k i e s  o f  J æ r e n 
We wander in the footsteps of the first Jæren painters under dramatic west-coast skies and along sandy coves. Local chef, Heine Grov, serves up ‘Jær’ tapas at Atelier Ogna.

M å n a f o s s e n  W a t e r f a l l 
Visit Norway’s 7th largest waterfall and Rogaland’s most majestic. Accompanied by a local guide, we hike up to the lookout and enjoy stunning views, warm coffee and tasty sandwiches.


G l o p p e d a l s u r a - I n  t h e  L i g h t  of  a  B o n e f i r e
Get close to nature in your own canoe, enjoy the taste of coffee prepared on an open fire and be overwhelmed by the size and splendour of Northern Europe’s largest rock scree.






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